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Homegrown Lacrosse's league programming provides lacrosse players (of all ages) and teams an opportunity to showcase their play in the off-season. 

Scheduled at fields and domes across the Twin Cities metropolitan area and during all seasons of the year, Homegrown Lacrosse's leagues ensure safe and competitive play.

Our leagues include both women's and men's play, as well as high school and middle school girls and boys. 

All leagues are staffed with knowledgeable field attendants, certified officials and EMTs

The Great Northern Lacrosse League

The Great Northern Lacrosse League (GNLL) provides a fun, safe and supportive environment where area high school and youth players can compete, learn and grow. 

The GNLL is entirely association based and is dedicated to help ensure the growth of the sport and its' participants.

See links below for more information on the GNLL:

GNLL Men's and Women's Leagues

GNLL Lacrosse Leagues provide a fun, safe, and structured environment where adult players of all ages and skill can compete, develop their game and stay connected with teammates / friends. 

See links below for more information on different HG Lacrosse Leagues: