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GNLL Boys Summer Youth Field League

The Great Northern Lacrosse League's (GNLL) Boys Summer Field Season (June - July) provides a fun, safe, and supportive environment where youth associations and their teams compete, learn, and grow. 

Participating teams are scheduled 6-10 regular-season games depending on their age group throughout the course of the league's 7 playable weeks. Game schedules are created by the League Director and revised in collaboration with Associations. The league is concluded with the GNLL Summer Youth State Championship Tournament. Certified Officials, online team statistics, standings, schedules, and updates through Tourney Machine are provided for all games. 

*Certified EMTs or Athletic Trainers are the responsibility of the host site, strongly encouraged, but not required. League Directors will help connect associations EMT service providers. 

Age Levels: 14U/12U/10U/8U/6U (co-ed)

​​​​​​Divisions: A & B divisions are offered at the 14U & 12U age levels. All associations with two or more teams at the 14U & 12U levels must select at least one to play in the A level.  

Eligibility:  The league follows USA Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Guidelines as well as USA Lacrosse's Age Segmentation Policy and Athlete Development Model (ADM). USA Lacrosse membership is required for all players and coaches. 

If a player is hoping to play in a higher division than where they fall in the USA Lacrosse Age Segmentation Policy, a GNLL Age Division Waiver must be completed by a parent, coach, or association board member and approved by the GNLL Director. Cases are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

The GNLL Boys Summer League is preceded by Boys Spring Field League (April-June) and followed by the Boys Fall Field Season (September - October). 

League Dates

Summer Regular Season: Monday, June 10 –  Wednesday, July 24, 2024 (Wednesday, July 17th for 6/8/10U)

  • No games on Fridays or Wednesday/Thursday July 3-4
  • 12/14U generally played on Tue/Thur
  • 6/8/10U generally played on Mon/Wed
  • 6U games are still played in doubleheader jamboree format on weeknights (games are shorter)

Teams primarily play single games on weeknights but doubleheaders will be scheduled upon requests when able. 

Important to note, it is encouraged that the host sites provide an EMT for 12/14U games in the Summer Season.

Heat Index Guidelines HERE

Administrative Dates

Association Registration Open/Deadline: Monday January 1-Friday February 16, 2024. 

Host Site Availability/Scheduling Preference Form Due: Sunday, April 19, 2024

Team Registration: Monday March 4- Sunday April 28, 2024, with no late fee. Teams may be added until May 17, with a $25 late fee/team. After that, additional teams may be added at the League Director's discretion. 

Schedules: The schedule draft will be available mid-May and finalized by the end of May. 

GNLL Spring League teams will be carried over into GNLL Summer unless otherwise communicated by associations. GNLL will manually register summer teams for associations.

*Recommended roster sizes:
14U / 12U:  20-23 athletes per team
10U: 15-18 athletes per team
8U: 12-16 athletes per team
6U: 6-8 athletes per team

Summer Post-Season Tournament Drop Deadline: Saturday June 30, 2024

End of Season 6/8/10U Jamboree & 12/14U State Tournament

Summer Youth State Tournaments/Jamborees:
6/8/10U Jamborees: Sat July 20, 2024 @ Delano HS

12/14U: Sat & Sun, July 27-28, 2024 @ Delano HS

6U/8U/10U will be played in jamboree format with 3 games.
12/14U will play a four-game guarantee with a championship game. 


Directions from  Highway 12:

  1. If coming from 12 headed west: Turn right onto County Road 30 SE: After approximately 1.5 miles, you will reach County Road 30 SE.
  2. If coming from 12 headed east: Turn left onto County Road 30 SE: After approximately 1.5 miles, you will reach County Road 30 SE.
  3. Turn right onto County Road 30 SE: After approximately 1.5 miles, you will reach County Road 30 SE.
  4. Continue on County Road 30 SE: Drive approximately 1.7 miles.
  5. Turn right onto Elm Ave E: This road will lead you directly to Delano School Campus. You will see the campus after turning via the roundabout onto Elm Ave E.

Directions from Highway 55:

  1. If coming from 55 headed West, turn left onto County Road 50. Continue on this road heading south.
  2. If coming from 55 headed East, turn right onto County Road 50. Continue on this road heading south.
  3. Turn right onto County Road 30 SE: This will be your main route into Delano.
  4. Follow County Road 30 SE into Delano: Continue driving on County Road 30 SE for approximately 7 miles.
  5. Turn left onto Elm Ave E: After driving through Delano on County Road 30 SE, turn left onto Elm Ave E.
  6. Arrive at Delano Elementary School: The school will be on your right-hand side shortly after turning onto Elm Ave E.


Important things to note:

  • On the campus maps, you will see the general flow of traffic with the red arrows. You may only enter the Delano campus via County Road 30. Elm Avenue/Tiger drive entrance is completely closed. 
  • You will see the parking lots on the map, numbered 1-9 with small black circles. Note that there are also baseball games on 7/20 so parking may be tricky. There will be overflow parking available on the street of Elm Avenue but follow the parking signs accordingly. 
  • Ref/Official parking will be reserved in both Lot #2 (6 spots) & Lot #9 (6 spots) with cones & signs. 
  • Fans who need assistance to get to fields should be dropped off as we do not have a shuttle. 
  • Fans/players should be encouraged to carpool due to the somewhat limited parking. 
  • Fans/players should allow themselves an additional 10-15 minutes to find parking and walk to their designated field. 
  • On both maps you will see that we have a designated tent area this year for ALL team tents in Grass 4. We will have additional garbage cans & restrooms here as well. 
  • Please encourage all fans to throw away their garbage. 
  • This event is being held on school property and therefore absolutely NO ALCOHOL is permitted. 

2024 Summer Team Fees

Regular Season:
- 14U/12U: $1375 (10 games + Summer State Tournament) Generally played on Tue/Thur, half home, half away. 
- 10U: $1175 (8 games + End of Season Single Day Jamboree) Generally played on Mon/Wed, half home, half away. 
- 8U: $750 (6 games + End of Season Single Day Jamboree) Generally played on Mon/Wed, half home, half away. 
- 6U: $0 ( 3-5 weekday play days/jamborees, no officials provided + End of Season Single Day Jamboree)

GNLL never wants cost to be a barrier to participation and provides grants to emerging area programs or general programs in need when able. Please fill out the application below if your program is in need of a grant. They are granted on a program-by-program basis so they must be completed for each program you wish to apply for. 

Things to note:

- At least half of your regular-season games will be scheduled within your conference.
-Games run Monday through Thursday with Wednesdays reserved for 12/14U travel team practices when possible. 
-For 8U: if the number of teams are limited, weekday games may be supplemented by weekend play days/jamborees. 
-For 6U: due to limited number of teams, game format will be 3-5 weekend play days/jamborees, no officials provided; please note, associations will be asked to host and associations can self select to send their teams to a site. Weeknight play days may be arranged when it makes sense.
- A $500 deposit is required for each association registered. Deposits are non-refundable after February 16, 2024, and due at the time of registration. 
- The Great Northern Lacrosse League is a division of Homegrown Lacrosse, a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization.  Additional proceeds and sponsorships sustain, expand and develop service-based initiatives throughout the region. 


Leagues and events often fill to capacity. Registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Teams are not considered fully registered until deposit payments are received. 

Deadline to register Associations is February 16, 2024. A late fee of $100 is applied to all registrations received thereafter. 

For Summer Only Associations

Jing Peng

Jing Peng

Director of Leagues and Events

Phone: 608-395-5312

2024 Season Resources