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GNLL Winter Box League

The Great Northern Winter Box Lacrosse League provides a fun, safe, supportive environment where players can learn, compete, and grow. The league runs boys club/select team divisions on Sundays in November and December and high school team divisions on Sundays in January, February, and early March.

We use a modified version of the National Lacrosse League's rule set for all games, which run on the hour—15-minute periods with 2-minute breaks between periods. Each game is staffed by certified officials, EMTs, site managers, and scorekeepers.  We also provide mobile-responsive schedules, online statistics, and standings.

Boys Club/Select Team Divisions

Sundays,  November 12 - December 17, 2023
Games run between 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Location: TOCA Soccer Center, Burnsville. Click here for directions

Age Groups: H.S. Elite (Grades 11-12), Varsity Prep (Grades 9-10), Bantam (Grades 7-8), and PeeWee (Grades 5-6). 

Format: Five regular season games followed by a final seeded playoff game. Three 12-minute periods with 2-minute intermissions. 

Team Participation Fees: 
H.S. Elite / Varsity Prep: $2,000 per team
Bantam / Peewee: $1,850 per team 
Novice: $1,650 per team

Registration Deadline: Friday, October 13, 2023

Jing Peng

Jing Peng

Director of Leagues and Events

Phone: 608-395-5312

Eligibility: The league follows USA Lacrosse Age & Eligibility Guidelines. USAL membership is required for all players and coaches. 

GNLL Age Division Waivers must be completed by a parent, coach, or association board member and approved by the GNLL Director for any players who want to play in a division outside the USA Lacrosse Age Segmentation Policy. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. 

Registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. Registrations received after September 30, 2024, are subject to a $100 late fee per team.

A $500 deposit is required for each team registered. Deposits are non-refundable and due at the time of registration. Teams are not considered fully registered until deposit payments are received. The remaining balance is due no later than October. 12, 2024. 

Homegrown Lacrosse is a registered 501c(3) non-profit organization. Team fees cover facility, officials, EMT, field staff, equipment, and league administration costs. Additional proceeds and sponsorships sustain, expand and develop service-based initiatives throughout the region. 

Why Box Lacrosse

Playing box lacrosse can provide field lacrosse players with a well-rounded set of skills, improved physical and mental attributes, and a deeper understanding of the game. The unique challenges and benefits of box lacrosse can enhance a player's overall performance on the field and contribute to their growth as a well-rounded athlete. 

Skill Development: Box lacrosse is played in a smaller, confined space, which requires quicker decision-making, tighter ball handling, and improved stick skills. Players who excel in box lacrosse often demonstrate better passing, shooting, and overall stickwork in field lacrosse as well.

Physical Conditioning: The fast-paced nature of box lacrosse leads to increased cardiovascular endurance, agility, and strength. Players who engage in box lacrosse can improve their physical fitness, translating into enhanced performance on the field.

Spatial Awareness: The compact playing area in box lacrosse forces players to constantly assess their surroundings and anticipate opponents' movements. This heightened spatial awareness can contribute to better field positioning and tactical understanding in both forms of the game.

Decision-Making Under Pressure: The reduced space and quicker pace of box lacrosse require players to make split-second decisions, enhancing their ability to think and react under pressure. This mental acuity can carry over to field lacrosse, helping players become more adaptable and strategic.

Versatility: A player skilled in both field and box lacrosse can contribute effectively in various game situations. Box lacrosse encourages players to be versatile, as they often need to play both offense and defense due to the smaller roster sizes.

Stick Protection and Ball Security: The tighter confines of box lacrosse necessitate improved stick protection and ball security. Players who excel in box lacrosse tend to have a better understanding of how to shield their sticks and maintain possession, skills that can be invaluable in field lacrosse.

Offensive Creativity: Box lacrosse encourages creative offensive plays due to the limited space and constant pressure. Players can develop a wider range of offensive moves, fakes, and strategies that can be applied effectively in field lacrosse as well.

Improved Defense: Defending in a confined space requires honed defensive skills, including footwork, body positioning, and communication. These skills can make a player more effective on the defensive end in both field and box lacrosse.

Transition Play: Box lacrosse emphasizes quick transitions from defense to offense and vice versa. Players who excel in box lacrosse often become adept at rapidly changing roles and contributing to smooth transitions in field lacrosse games.

Networking and Experience: Playing box lacrosse exposes players to a different community of players, coaches, and opportunities. It can broaden their lacrosse network, potentially leading to new experiences, training opportunities, and connections in the broader lacrosse world.

Fun: Beyond all the technical benefits and strategic advantages, one of the most compelling reasons for field lacrosse players to venture into box lacrosse is the sheer enjoyment it brings. Embracing box lacrosse introduces players to a world of unparalleled fun and excitement that can reignite their passion for the game. Here's how box lacrosse is a gateway to unadulterated enjoyment:

Playful Creativity: The smaller playing area encourages players to experiment with new moves and tactics. Whether it's a fancy stickwork maneuver, a daring shot, or a surprising pass, box lacrosse invites players to unleash their creativity and have fun trying out unconventional plays.

The Spectacle of Skill: Box lacrosse showcases a dazzling display of individual and team skills. From intricate stick handling to pinpoint accuracy in shots, players are treated to a spectacle of talent that's a delight to witness and be a part of. 

Escape From Routine: Stepping onto the box lacrosse field offers a break from the routine and a chance to immerse oneself in the joy of a new discipline. 

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