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Player Requirements and Resources

Player Online Registration: 

  • All participating athletes must have a parent or legal guardian complete an online registration form for each league. The form serves as a waiver, liability release, code of conduct agreement, verifies US Lacrosse membership, and collects emergency contact information.
  • All participating athletes must have an up to date US Lacrosse membership throughout the duration of the league.
  • If an athlete does not have a valid US Lacrosse Membership, they will be immediately redirected to US Lacrosse's website within the registration to update the membership for your convenience.
  • Participating athletes will self-assigned to their team roster by completing the player registration form.
  • Links to each leagues player registration form can be found on the league homepage.

Player Geography: 

  • Players are required to compete for their home community association or school team. Home community lines mirror school district lines.
  • Players who live in communities that do not have a member association may submit a request to play for a neighboring association.
  • Players competing on school teams must attend that school or affiliated lower school.

Athlete Age Division Waiver Request Form:

  • Athletes must register in accordance with US Lacrosse Age Segmentation.
  • If a participating athlete is expecting to sign up and play at a different age level the following steps need to be completed for approval:

1. Complete the player registration form according to the participating athlete's date of birth.
2. Complete the Age Waiver Request form by clicking on the link below
3. If approved, the GNLL will hand enter the roster change in the registration system.