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Spring Clinics (Mar)

Homegrown Spring Clinics

Prepare for the spring lacrosse season with our specialized positional Spring Clinics. Our coaching staff made up of experienced professionals, collaborates with top-notch guest coaches from all over North America to bring you an exclusive clinic experience.

These clinics are tailored for players of all skill levels, focusing on specific positions and strategies. Whether you're looking to improve certain skills or understand game tactics better, our clinics offer a well-rounded learning experience. Spring Clinics blend traditional lacrosse drills with new concepts brought in by guest coaches.

2024 Clinic Offerings

Girls Lacrosse Clinics:

  • 3/9: Scorpion Series (Defensive Clinic) w/ Lydia Sutton
  • 3/9: Sniper Series (Offensive Clinic) w/ Lizzie Colson
  • 3/16: Goalie Day w/ Kameron Halsall & Matt Gill

Boys Lacrosse Clinics:

  • 3/9: Face-Off Clinic w/ Mike Sisselberger (*grades 6-12 only)
  • 3/16: Scorpion Series (Defensive Clinic) w/ Ben Randall
  • 3/16: Sniper Series (Offensive Clinic) w/ Jules Heningburg
  • 3/16: Goalie Day w/ Kameron Halsall & Matt Gill

Coaching Foundations Clinic:

  • 3/2: Beginner to Intermediate Boys & Girls Lacrosse Session

Boys & Girls Scorpion Series

Join Guest Coaches Ben Randall and Lydia Sutton alongside Homegrown's coaching staff for a defensive positional training clinic.

Our Scorpion Series program is designed to teach players solid defensive fundamentals to develop their own takeaway and lockdown techniques. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, all positions are encouraged and welcome.

Don't miss this opportunity to train with the best in the business! Click below for more information and to register for the Scorpion Series today.

Boys Face-off Clinic

Join Guest Coach Mike Sisselberger alongside Homegrown's coaching staff for a pre-season faceoff clinic.

The Homegrown Lacrosse spring Faceoff Clinic offers players the opportunity to develop extensive faceoff skills and knowledge.

As the game of lacrosse has evolved, the positions have also become more specialized. Each facet of the game has tremendous significance, but face-offs play an integral role in determining the tempo of a game, as well as possession time.

Boys & Girls Goalie Day

Join Kameron Halsall and Matt Gill alongside Homegrown's coaching staff for a goalie positional training clinic.

The Homegrown Lacrosse spring Goalie Day gives Minnesota goalies the opportunity to enter the season armed with new concepts and techniques. 

Each goalie will receive individualized instruction allowing them to take the best advantage of their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Additionally, goalies will receive critiques on strengths and areas to continue developing.

Boys & Girls Sniper Series

Join Jules Heningburg and Lizzie Colson alongside Homegrown's coaching staff for a offensive positional training clinic.

The Sniper Series clinic is designed to teach players offensive strategies, and fine-tune their shot for precision accuracy. Geared towards offensive players, this clinic hones in on shooting techniques, offensive concepts, and how to become a complete offensive threat.

Participants benefit from personalized coaching tailored to amplify their strengths and refine their areas for growth. From elusive maneuvers to goal-scoring techniques, players will gain valuable insights and targeted feedback to elevate their offensive game to new heights.

Coaching Foundations Clinic

This on-field coaching clinic is geared towards new to intermediate youth coaches for boys' and girls' lacrosse. Homegrown Senior Staff will lead the participants through a 2-hour clinic.