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At Homegrown Lacrosse we believe that value of playing on team is irreplaceable. Through regional and all-state club team programs, Homegrown works to develop each player’s on-field ability and more importantly instill, character, confidence and a sense of their place in the world that will benefit players in later years and other endeavors.

At the core of Homegrown’s programming is player development both on and off the field. At all levels, our emphasis is on individual skill and team development. We spend countless hours on these fundamentals in practice so that come game time players can have a positive experience.

We pride ourselves building young men of character, teaching players to succeed beyond the field, and instilling players with a deep passion for the game of lacrosse.

Homegrown Premier League is a regional development team system that provides opportunities for young athletes to develop skill, drive, confidence and character. In addition to elevating their game, players will develop meaningful relationships with mentors and teammates and, we hope, a deeper love for the game and community. 


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Minnesota Chill is a travel lacrosse club that provides opportunities for local youth and high school lacrosse players to compete and train at the highest levels, see and connect with different parts of the country, form lasting friendships with teammates and coaches as well as help carry-on a storied Minnesota lacrosse tradition.


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