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Coaching Staff

Jeff Henrick

Regional Director: Homegrown Lacrosse 
Youth Director: Northern Lights Box Lacrosse Club
Co-Founder: Forge Lacrosse Academy 

Hailing from Orangeville, Ontario, Jeff's journey unfolded through the halls of the Hill Academy (HS) and culminated at The Ohio State University. Jeff embarked on a dual educational voyage within the university's walls, earning a bachelor's degree in Sports Industry and a Masters in Sports Management. This academic odyssey forged within him an unyielding zeal for coaching and the profound transformation of young men into resolute, gracious, and modest leaders.

In 2021, Jeff crossed the graduation threshold as one of three illustrious Buckeyes, earning the distinguished mantle of a USILA Scholar All-American—a coveted accolade recognizing his academic distinction, athletic prowess, and civic stewardship. Notably, his journey continued to ascend as he ascended to the 8th overall pick in the NLL draft, joining the ranks of the Georgia Swarm.

Post-graduation marked the inception of Jeff's coaching voyage. Following a sojourn with various club teams, his path meandered back to Canada, where he joined the coaching roster at the revered Hill Academy in Caledon, Ontario. Here, he imbibed wisdom from luminary coaches and athletes, amassing a reservoir of knowledge unmatched. Yet, the intersection of his professional schedule with the high school lacrosse calendar prompted a pivotal shift. Carving a new path, Jeff embarked for Minnesota, lured by a coaching role that seamlessly harmonized with his ambitions.

Jeff's association with Homegrown Lacrosse stands as a testament to intertwined values. A mutual resonance echoed as Homegrown Lacrosse emerged as a beacon of holistic development, both on and off the lacrosse terrain—a philosophy Jeff wholeheartedly embraced.

Lacrosse's profound influence threads deeply through Jeff's life tapestry. This sport, a conduit for his aspirations, ignited a passion to bestow the same transformative power upon others. He ardently envisions fostering the potential of youth, mirroring his own journey of growth. Reflecting on his lacrosse odyssey, Jeff's sentiment resounds: "Lacrosse is my heartbeat, the vessel that carried my dreams forward. I owe my entire voyage to the game and the mentors who guided me."

Ryan Terefenko

Regional Director: Homegrown Lacrosse 
Youth Director: Northern Lights Box Lacrosse Club,
Co-Founder: Forge Lacrosse Academy 

Ryan's journey began in Central Pennsylvania, where he cultivated his passion for sports. He embarked on an educational pursuit at Ohio State University, earning an undergraduate degree in Sports Industry and a Masters in Sports Management. It was during this time at Ohio State that his fervor for coaching ignited, fueled by immersive experiences like interning with the athletic department and coaching the USA U-19 team.

Upon college graduation, Ryan's coaching prowess found a platform at Culver Military Academy in Culver, Indiana. He assumed the role of defensive coordinator, propelling the Eagles to a commendable 4th national ranking by season's end. His impact extended beyond victories, as he played a vital role in nurturing numerous 5 and 4 star division 1 lacrosse recruits.

The next chapter saw Ryan relocating to Minnesota, driven by a desire to both nurture the game he holds dear and support young lacrosse enthusiasts. He skillfully strikes a balance between his own flourishing professional lacrosse career and guiding aspiring players.

Lacrosse's significance in Ryan's life cannot be overstated. Recognizing the game's transformative potential for youth, he speaks of the sport's close-knit community, where mutual support and camaraderie flourish.

A milestone in Ryan's journey came in 2023, as he proudly helped secure a world champion title as a valued member of the USA National Team. At present, Ryan is a formidable presence in the lacrosse arena, showcasing his talents in the Premier Lacrosse League with Chrome LC and the National Lacrosse League.