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Association Leaders Requirements and Resources

Certificates of Insurance for Fields:

All associations in GNLL are covered by USA Lacrosse Insurance as our leagues require USA Lacrosse memberships to participate.

Many cities/schools require a Certificate of Insurance to use their facilities. You can create a COI HERE using your USAL number. 

USA Lacrosse League Resources:

  • Resources for program leaders HERE
  • USA Lacrosse League Standards available HERE

GNLL Grants :

GNLL never wants cost to be a barrier to participation so we have a grant application to support associations. This form must be filled out for each season the association is requesting grant funds for (i.e. Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

Requests must be received at least a month before each league deadline (Spring/Summer requests must be received a month before the association deadline closes, all others are a month before the team deadline). 

All grants will be reviewed in the one-month period between the grant deadline and the league deadline.

For further inquiries, please reach out to GNLL Director