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Parent's Guide to at Home Practice

Wall Ball – Wall ball is a great way for your son to improve his throwing and catching skills. Have him take his ball and stick, find a solid, outdoor wall, and play catch with himself. Whether your kid is a beginner or a superstar, different variations of wall ball are the best way for him to improve his stick skills.
Cradling – Cradling is the act of keeping the ball in the pocket; this is done by moving the wrist and fingers. Cradling keeps the ball in the pocket using centripetal force. Your player can practice this at home or outside with his stick and ball.
Dodging - Allowing your player to carry his or her stick around the house does, in fact, help to improve his or her cradling, dodging, and all-around stick handling skills.  One item to note: mishandled lacrosse balls can break things, so provide your player with some tennis balls for this activity.
Scooping – Your son can practice scooping up balls off the floor at home or off the ground outside. To make scooping more interesting, have your son scoop his dirty clothes off his bedroom floor.

Running – Your son will need to build up endurance for the lacrosse season. Make sure he is running outside or up and down stairs to stay in shape during the off season.  If your son doesn’t like running for the sake of exercise, keep him engaged in other sports to build up his athleticism.