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Parent's Guide to Equipment

Stick (Crosse) - Your player will need a stick, which generally consists of a shaft and a head strung with a mesh pocket. Most sticks are around 3 feet long, but boys’ defensive sticks can be up to 6 feet in length.  A beginner stick generally costs $30-$50.
Helmet – A good helmet is essential for protecting your player’s head, jaw, teeth and eyes and protecting from concussions. Make sure to get a lacrosse helmet, not a batting, football or hockey helmet. New lacrosse helmets will cost between $50 and $200.
Mouthguard – You will want to get a colored mouthguard that is clearly visible to officials.  Mouthguards that attach to the helmet are great because they’re much more difficult to lose. Mouthguards cost $5-$30.
Shoulder Pads – Shoulder pads will protect your player’s shoulders and chest from balls and mishandled sticks. They typically cost $30-$100.
Gloves – Gloves will protect your son’s fingers, hands, and wrists. Basic gloves are great for beginners, but nicer gloves allow for better protection and finger movement.  Gloves can cost $30-$200.
Arm Pads – Arm pads protect your son’s forearms, elbows and triceps. For maximum protection, they should overlap with shoulder pads and gloves. They cost between $20 and $60.
Athletic Supporter/Cup – No matter how old your son is, he will need a comfortable cup that is the right size. Cups will cost $20-$40.
Cleats – Cleats are essential for good traction during the game. Soccer or football cleats work great; however, metal cleats or spikes are not allowed in many youth leagues. Cleats will cost $35-$100.

Lacrosse Ball – Lacrosse balls come in many different colors, however the official game ball can only be white, yellow or orange. Your son will want a ball for home practice; they generally cost $2-$3 per ball.  

Local Lacrosse Retailers

Daves Sports Shop

Three locations across the metro area.

Lavin Lacrosse

Lacrosse specialty store located in Rosemount

Northstar Lacrosse

Lacrosse Specialty store located in Downtown Hopkins