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"My son goes to Northeast Middle School in Minneapolis. He has never been interested in any sports until this week when one of the Minnesota Swarm players introduced him to the sport of lacrosse. He really enjoyed the game and would like to learn more about the sport. With your help, we hope to have him join a team."

- Parent, Northeast Middle School, Minneapolis Fall 2008

"Colin Achenbach and Jesse Brown have been working with my 9th grade students in PE class for the past 3 days and have done an AMAZING job! 

I wanted to let you know that the PE staff was very impressed with both of these gentlemen. All three of the PE teachers who were fortunate to have Jesse and Colin in our classes couldn’t stop talking about how good they were with the students (flexibility, classroom management, delivery of lacrosse skills, use of humor- made the kids smile, and connecting with the kids of all levels). 

Several students were inspired and excited about lacrosse today when they left. I have even had parents complimenting on the great job your crew has done and how their child can’t wait to play lacrosse."

- Miranda Gaugler, Physical Education and Health, Shakopee Junior High

"Homegrown lacrosse was one of the best programs ever in South High School.  The coaches that came in really taught us a lot of about the game and how it's played that made me want to play for the Minneapolis girl's team.  I'm on the team now and love every minute of it."
- Student, South High School, Minneapolis Fall 2008

"I am a student from Pam Schreurs’ 1st hour P.E. class at Roosevelt.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching us some fun lacrosse stuff!  It was really fun and cool.  You guys do an awesome job!  So thanks so much, I had a lot of fun! And you should take that as a big complement from someone like me because sports are not my favorite! So that’s how good of a job you guys did.  Thanks again!"

- Student, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis Spring 2009

"...During the week of January 7-14, these three came to Roosevelt and taught five double classes the game of lacrosse.  Aron, Daniel and Heather were highly motivated to spread lacrosse throughout the high schools.  They did a great job.

The job of teaching high school students lacrosse is not easy.  Many of our students were skeptical about this activity, most were not very good.  Homegrown did an excellent job of communicating with and introducing our students to the basics of lacrosse.  In just four days, the students were playing modified games. 

In conclusion, lacrosse was very well received by the students because of the excellent job Homegrown did in teaching and promoting the sport.  As they represent a non-profit organization, any funding that would help these three continue their great work would be a great investment in the youth of Minneapolis."
- Pam Schreurs, P.E. teacher, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis Spring 2009

In-School P.E. and Coach Across America Program

"A great big thanks for coming out and working with our River Bend students last week! What a great time we all had! Coach Ryan Beeson has amazing skills in the areas of building enthusiasm, engaging all learners and managing negative classroom behaviors. Many students told me how sad they were that he could only stay one week! I was thrilled to see the skill development that happened, even only over four short days, and the focus that the kids were able to bring to passing and shooting – many balls made it in the goal!"

- Rebecca Stewart (River Bend Program Social Worker) 2014


Americorps Coach Across America coach Ryan Beeson works with the students at the River Bend program in Minneapolis in November of 2013