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Homegrown Lacrosse was founded with a mission to build a community that inspires and empowers players to excel in life and lacrosse.

Led and staffed by experienced collegiate lacrosse players, Homegrown Lacrosse uses the sport to provide opportunities for individuals to get involved and cultivate the skills and relationships necessary to succeed on and off the field.

Our programs are focused on developing character, building self-confidence and instilling a sense of community. It is essential that Homegrown coaches share these same values and a passion for the sport.

At Homegrown Lacrosse we believe that being a great player doesn’t mean you’ll be a great coach.  Being a great coach requires more than skill on the field; it requires strength of character, compassion, knowledge and a desire to make a difference in their community.

Above all else, our coaches have a profound passion for everything lacrosse. 

And that passion is translated into our approach to coaching. No matter the skill level, our coaches find positive and engaging ways to challenge and build each player’s strengths - physically and mentally.

Employee Background Checks

All HG staff are required to have background checks conducted, ensuring the safety and well-being of our campers.

To see the criteria used by Homegrown Lacrosse to evaluate the results of the background checks, contact Jordan Herrman via email.