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Washington Technology Magnet School

Washington Technology

Since 2010 Homegrown has been working with Washington Technology Magnet School in fall and spring in their extended school day. During this time we have been able to get the players in full equipment practicing five times a week. 

Typical Day

Each practice starts with the students meeting in the classroom. From there we take a few minutes to set a goal for the team to accomplish by the end of week. After that we make our walk outside to gear up for the day. We  start with wall ball and then get into our active stretch. Each week we have strength and conditioning coach Chris Molitor work with the kids once or twice. From there, we work on position-specific skills and engage the kids in situational, short-field games.

Pass the Praise

Every day we end with “Pass the Praise.” During this exercise,  the whole team stands in a circle and a player will step forward to compliment another player on something they did during that practice. The student “passing the praise” will say what they saw from their teammate, label the action and the team will celebrate it by giving them a round of applause. This time allows students to receive praise from their peers. The team really gets into this part of practice. Each student really enjoys hearing the praise from their peers.

Memorable Player

This past fall we brought a Wash Tech student into our larger community. He started in 5/10 lacrosse time and we could immediately tell that he was hooked and wanted more. We were able to get him into our Winter Boot Camp where he began to excel. He will continue to play lacrosse outside of Wash Tech and play with his community. This young man’s story is the ideal circumstance.

Spring 2015

Each year the lacrosse community continues to grow at Wash Tech. We have more and more returners who bring their friends out with them. They are in a position to make some big things happen this spring. We will host three games at Wash Tech and working to have at least one away game.