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GNLL Field Manager

Great Northern Lacrosse is seeking anyone who is interested in working as a Field Manager for any Great Northern League, Event, or Tournament. 

Fall: Youth and HS Leagues (Sundays), Great Pumpkin Shootout Tournament (Mid/Late October)
Winter: HS Winter League (Sundays)
Spring: JV/Prep State Tournament (Early June), Youth State Tournament (Mid-June)
Summer: Mens League (Wednesday Nights)

Independent Contractor Policy

It is the policy of the Homegrown Lacrosse to be an equal opportunity employer and to hire contractors on the basis of their qualifications and ability to do the position to be filled. Unless otherwise provided in writing, work with the Homegrown Lacrosse is considered to be at will, so that either party may terminate the relationship at any time and for any lawful reason.

Contracts, even those of a temporary or part time nature, are contingent upon completion of background verification with satisfactory results (as outlined by Homegrown Lacrosse's Board of Directors and based on best practices for nonprofits).


Employee Background Checks

All staff are required to have background checks conducted to ensure the safety and well-being of our campers. To see the criteria used by Homegrown Lacrosse to evaluate the results of the background checks, please contact JJ Jacobson at