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Team Participation Fees

Fall 2022 Participation Fees: $200

Team Practices & Great Pumpkin Shootout Tournament:

  • 6 Team Practices
  • Field Rental
  • Equipment & Balls
  • Player Tournament Fee
  • Game Day Snack Tent
  • Coaches Pay & Travel Costs

Winter 2022-23 Participation Fees: $600

Winter Training:

Included in all winter training costs:

  • 11 Team Training Sessions (Nov - Feb)
  • Unlimited Winter Homegrown Academy Training Sessions (Oct - Feb)
  • 3 Homegrown Academy Competition Days
  • Field Rental
  • Equipment & Balls

Summer 2023 Participation Fees: $1,250

Summer Training: 

Included in all summer training costs:

  • 5 x All-Day Team Training Camp
  • Coaches Pay
  • Field Rentals & Equipment


Blue Ox Invitational - Maple Grove, Minnesota: 

  • Tournament fees
  • Coaches pay

Pipe City - Vernon Hills, IL Trip:

  • Tournament Fees
  • Coaches Pay & Travel Costs
  • Administrative Services

Homegrown Lacrosse Summer Day Camp:

  • 4 days at The University of St. Thomas
  • Daily Lunch Buffet

*Trip budgets are slightly tentative & subject to change. Full breakdowns of tournament/training costs are available upon request*

Payment Policies

Refund Policy:

Deposits are non-refundable.

If an event is canceled due to COVID-19, all efforts will be made to return full refunds of the costs associated with it.

Homegrown Summer Camps:

  • At the time of registration - 100% of camp costs will be deducted from the total costs
  • After Registration and up to 30 Days Before - 50% of the camp costs will be refunded
  • Within 30 Days - 0% of the camp costs will be refunded

Cancellation of participation on a Tournament Trip:

  • At the time of registration - 100% of the trip costs. 
  • Within 120 days - 75% of the trip cost will be refunded
  • Within 90 days - 50% of the trip cost will be refunded
  • Within 60 days - 25% of the trip cost will be refunded
  • Within 30 days - 0% of the trip cost will be refunded

For all inquiries about payment plans, scholarships, or refunds, please contact

Custom / Alternate Payment Plans:

  • Deposit payments must be made before a custom payment plan can be approved. 
  • Custom payment plans may not extend past the end of any given season. 
  • A plan must be agreed upon prior to September 11 for Fall,  November 5  for Winter, and April 15 for Summer. 


Fall/Winter Season Scholarship Deadline: September 2.
Summer Season Scholarship Deadline: April 1.

Please email for more information.

Garrett Lieb

Garrett Lieb

Director of Teams

Phone: 612-751-6513