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Northern Lights Tryout FAQ's

Tryout FAQ's

Am I supposed to attend both tryout sessions?

Yes. Coaches and evaluators prefer seeing players more than once before making a decision on team/roster placement. 

What if I can only make it to one tryout session?

If you cannot make it to one of the tryout sessions, you will be evaluated based on the tryout session that you attended. We try our best to present a diverse set of drills to make sure all players can be evaluated fairly based off a single day if needed.

What if I cannot make it to EITHER tryout session?

If you cannot make it to tryouts at all, we will look to schedule a make-up day, or use a coaches recommendation for which level of play you would be best suited at.

What am I being evaluated on?





Field Awareness

Effective Agility & Power

Ground ball ability and tenacity 

Handling (Catching/Cradling)

Throwing (Passing/Shooting)


What team am I trying out for?

Northern Lights Box teams will combine graduation years to ensure strong team dynamics. This approach aims to provide all participants a competitive and inclusive environment while maintaining our commitment to effective player development. 

Northern Lights Boys HS Elite (Grade 11-12)

Northern Lights Boys Varsity Prep  (Grade 9-10)

Northern Lights Bantam  (Grade 7-8)

Northern Lights Peewee (Grade 5-6)

Northern Lights Novice (Grade 3-4) 

When do I find out what team I made?

Final team rosters and selections will be emailed within three days of the final tryout. 

How long do I have to accept a roster spot?

We ask that you decide whether to accept the roster spot within 48 hours of receiving the invitation. Failure to do so could result in your roster spot being forfeited to another player looking to join the team. 

Where can I find more information about schedules, the program, and my team?

Team breakdowns, schedules, coaching staff, and more can be found on our Northern Lights Page website. Each page will have specific information for that team.  

What seasons am I trying out for? 

The Northern Lights Box offers year-round programming for all teams. When you try out, you are trying out for the Fall/Winter and Summer seasons. In tryout registration, you will have the option to choose which seasons you plan on participating in. Please be sure to answer this section AS ACCURATELY AS POSSIBLE. This will be taken into account by our evaluators when making final roster decisions. We aim to have full rosters for each season, so this information helps balance teams for the entire year. Below are the season options available for players to opt into:

Fall/Winter, & Summer (All Seasons)

Fall/Winter Only

Summer Only

I've just been invited to join a team. What next?

Congratulations! Your invitation email will include all the necessary steps to register for the program. The registration includes season/schedule info, apparel orders, and player information. Once you complete registration, you will receive an email with the information for our first fall practice.