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Homegrown In-School P.E. Program

Homegrown Lacrosse works to educate the community at large about the sport of lacrosse. One way the organization does this is by teaching lacrosse in physical education classes around the state.

The In-School P.E. Program is a week-long unit that introduces elementary, middle school and high school students around Minnesota to the sport of lacrosse.  Students are taught the history of the game, the evolution of the game, and lacrosse basics with both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse sticks.

Because of the unique and new nature of the game of lacrosse, it is a sport that offers an “even playing field” that engaged students who might not participate in organized sports or tend to shy away from participating in P.E. classes. In each school we’ve gone into, we’ve seen kids who have lacked interest in traditional team sports form an immediate passion for the sport.

Uninhibited by preset expectations of the sport and their skill level, kids are engaged, encouraged and free to have fun - learning through the experience alongside their peers. The innovative program gives girls and boys a chance:

  • To discover something new
  • To be part of an emerging sport
  • To be engaged
  • To have fun  
Our program's success is measured by the students’ and teachers’ enthusiasm, as well as by the number of students who want to participate in after school lacrosse programs. Each class is taught the history of the game, the evolution of the game, and lacrosse basics with both boy’s and girl’s lacrosse sticks. 

"From the first catch, each player feels a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence. It’s a sport that participants can’t help but become passionate about.

In-School P.E. and Coach Across America Program

Americorps Coach Across America coach Ryan Beeson works with the students at the River Bend program in Minneapolis in November of 2013

"A great big thanks for coming out and working with our River Bend students last week! What a great time we all had! Coach Ryan Beeson has amazing skills in the areas of building enthusiasm, engaging all learners and managing negative classroom behaviors. Many students told me how sad they were that he could only stay one week! I was thrilled to see the skill development that happened, even only over four short days, and the focus that the kids were able to bring to passing and shooting – many balls made it in the goal!"

- Rebecca Stewart (River Bend Program Social Worker)

Over the past five years, Homegrown has ran multi-day Physical Education units, after-school programming, community education classes, introductory clinics and in-school lacrosse classes all across the state.  Below is a list of some of the schools that we have visited!

  • Washington Technology Magnet School
  • Capitol Hill Magnet School
  • River Bend Educational Center
  • Northeast Middle School 
  • Anwatin Middle School 
  • Sanford Middle School 
  • St. Anthony Middle School 
  • Bug O Nay Ge Shig School (Bena, MN)
  • Lucy Craft Laney School 
  • WISE Charter School
  • North High School 
  • South High School 
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
  • Anthony Middle School
  • Kenny Elementary School
  • Waite Park Elementary School

Homegrown Lacrosse co-founders Colin Achenbach and Aron Lipkin share how through the In-School P.E. Program, the organization is educating the community at large about the sport of lacrosse and helps build confidence and self-esteem with students.