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Camper Handbook

Experiencing Homegrown Lacrosse

Homegrown Lacrosse offers more than high quality lacrosse instruction. It is the relationships that developed when our staffers were young players that have lead them to where they are now; each camper will be greeted as an individual by our staff and as a result, a long-lasting relationship will develop.

At camp, players will learn skills that transfer to their character. Camp is more than just about lacrosse--campers will meet and become friends with players from across the state. 


Keeping our campers safe is to the utmost importance to Homegrown Lacrosse. The drills within our programs are designed to challenge players to improve and maintain a safe level of activity. Policies are set in place to ensure safety is discussed and revisited throughout the week so as to maintain a fun and safe environment.

Staying Healthy During Camp

Homegrown Lacrosse will provide a certified EMT 24 hours a day. Certified EMTs will provide campers assessments and treatments for injuries, illnesses, etc. If at any time during the duration of camp, a camper feels injured or ill, they are to immediately report it to a staff member and they will direct the concern to the EMT.

If treatment goes beyond our staff member’s abilities the appropriate person(s) will be contacted. The University of St. Thomas has 24 hour security guards and  on-campus Public Safety attendants. For any other medical issues, Regions Hospital and United Hospitals are located approximately 10 minutes from the UST St. Paul campus.


All meals (three per day) will take place in the UST Cafeteria. All meals are included in the price of the camp. For campers who have special diet needs, please include this information in your online registration as well. If you have further information to pass on to the staff, please contact the Homegrown Lacrosse staff 3 weeks in advance of the first day of camp. 

*Note: Day camp only includes lunch. 

Behavior Expectations

Homegrown Lacrosse is dedicated to maintaining a positive, safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment at all of our camps, programs, and events. To support the growth of each participant, Homegrown Lacrosse operates under a strict no bullying policy – any acts of harassment or bullying will not be tolerated. Additionally, behavioral expectations will be initially introduced the first day of camp as well as revisited each day. These expectations are outlined in our Code of Conduct and in the Player Waiver and Liability Release Form. 

Dormitory Assignments

In your online registration, include the name of one individual you would like to room with (the dorm rooms are double occupancy). If you don't know someone prior to camp, you will be assigned a roommate at check-in. Staff members and the L.D.P. staff will be staying in the dorms along with the campers, but in separate rooms. Staff rooms will be situated safely and appropriately to monitor the campers.

Damage Control

All living quarters and dormitories will be inspected by Homegrown Lacrosse’s staff at the end of camp in order to ensure that the University of St. Thomas’s facilities are not damaged. If a permanent damage is found, those that inhabited the particularly damaged room will be held responsible for the repair costs. Additionally, campers are held responsible for their dormitory key. A $15.00 charge will be applied for lost keys. 

Personal Possessions and Valuables

Homegrown Lacrosse is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items. Electronic items are not recommended to be brought to camp to give campers a chance to unplug. This includes but is not limited to: cell phones, personal musical devices, televisions, computers, handheld video games, jewelry, etc.

The Camp Director and staff will have a cell phones in the case of emergency (and for contact by parents during the week). 

Forbidden Substances and Weapons

Every Homegrown Lacrosse camp, program, event, and league is absolutely free from tobacco products, alcohol, and illicit drugs. Additionally, the use of prescription drugs by anyone who was not prescribed said drugs is forbidden from all Homegrown Lacrosse activities. In addition to the use of substances and drugs, Homegrown Lacrosse bans the use of and possession of any harmful objects. This includes but is not limited to: knives, lighters, explosives, and guns.


All prescribed medications must be given to the on-site EMT upon check in on the first day of camp. During this time, the camper and parent will have a private conversation with the EMT about a plan for distribution. Please note any prescribed medications and medical notes in the appropriate space during the online registration process. 

Engagements During the Week

We understand that you and/or your child has a busy schedule as well as prior engagements during the week of camp. If you will need to remove your child for any portion of time during the week, the Camp Director must be contacted with details about arrival, drop-off, etc. prior to the first day of camp. 

Departure and Return

Parents will be responsible for dropping off their camper(s) as well as picking them up once camp has finished. Parents are also responsible for transportation to and from engagements outside of camp during the week. There will be signage and more specific information on drop off/pick up times and locations. 

Phone Calls

In the case of an emergency, you can contact the Camp Director. This phone will also be the primary contact number if you need to reach your camper or get a hold of the Homegrown staff. Any messages or correspondence can be left with this phone. 


It is natural for children to miss or become lonely. It is Homegrown Lacrosse’s guarantee that every camper feels at home and cared for by our staff members and our collective camp. Our staff as well as the other campers will be in close proximity to your child/children. If at anytime, your camper feels they can no longer attend the remaining days at camp, our staff will set up a time to discuss the situation and act accordingly. The camp will keep “homesickness” to a minimum by keeping the campers busy and engaged in fun activities. Our staff is also there to listen to, empathize with, and encourage our camper constituency. 

Lost and Found

Homegrown Lacrosse is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If we find misplaced items, we will keep them in our lost and found. Lost items may be inquired about by emailing

Canceling Registrations

Canceling a registration with two weeks or less to the start of camp results in a $35.00 administrative fee plus the remainder of the paid camp fee will become a credit for a future Homegrown Lacrosse event.