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In-Rink Box Coaches Clinic

The In-Rink Coaches Clinic provides a great opportunity for youth box coaches from across the Metro to come together and learn about the rules, and how to teach the skills and concepts unique to box lacrosse. 

Open to youth coaches of all levels and experience, the In-Rink Coaches Clinic presents concepts visually rather than through whiteboard drawings. Seasoned former pro box players and coaches will demonstrate and share offensive and defensive drills, strategies, plus tips and advice they've learned over the years.

Beyond the demonstrations, the true value of the Box Coaches Clinic is the building of relationships throughout the Minnesota lacrosse community. 

Program Details

Date: 3/1/17

Time: 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Location: Hopkins Pavilion

Clinic Fee:

  • Individual: $30 per coach
  • *Group: $150 per association. Associations may bring as many coaches as they need with group registration


Individuals Register Here

Groups Register Here

Camps fill to capacity. Registrations are accepted on first-come first-serve basis. Deadline to register is February 24, 2017. A late fee of $5 is applied to all registrations received thereafter. 

Please email the completed form to after one representative has completed the online registration (see above).

Jordan Herrman

Jordan Herrman

Camps and Clinics Director

Phone: (612) 444-5292


Coaches will discuss and learn about the following themes:

  • GNLL Box Rules Review
  • Warm-ups & fitness training

  • Box Goaltending technique drills & equipment

  • Man to Man Defensive (checks, sliding and positioning drills)

  •  Box 5 vs. 5 Offensive formations, plays and strategies

  • Box Offensive Picks & Screens and how to defend them

  • Shooting (fakes in close, shooting from crease, on run, time and room)

  • Stick Protection, Cradling & Dodging techniques & drills (unique to box).

  • Box Face-off techniques and player positioning on face-offs (unique to box).

  • Box Man-Up and Man-Down strategies.

  • Box Transition (fast-break) offense and defense

  • Game Management (changing on the fly, dead-ball line changes, etc.)

  • Player Management (coaching philosophy, making it a fun and learning experience for the players, etc.)